Our Story

Where the Dream begins...

Dotphy is a brand built for the globe and centers on the field of outdoor sports. Its logo is a sort of monogram for DP. D means dignified whilst P stands for positive, two keywords imbued deeply with what dotphy is creating. Dotphy will be leading the era of high-end sport products with sophistication and attitude.


Evolve with Unstoppable Pace

Dotphy combines high-end productive technique, premium materials and ergonomic design to meet users’ protection needs and their expectation for sport gear. But it never stops its exploration to high-tech materials and cutting-edge technology to refresh its products. It dives deep as a trailblazer into how technology can change the traditional industrial production.


Born Free

We create our unique pattern and name it Freedom, which is made up of numerous irregular strips spreading and splitting with no boundaries. It looks like the blood vessels that have lifeblood flowed within, the twigs with extreme desire to grow, and the skin patterns from wild animals living in the jungles. Freedom is dotphy’s voice to speak to the world; it is showing the power of life that glows on all dotphy’s works.


We Live to Make Changes

Sustainability is another signature of dotphy. Dotphy concerns about the sustainable development of our society and hopes to make contribution to the ecological environment. It is working on biodegradable materials and eco-friendly technology to leave low-impact changes to the environment as less as possible.


Another Possibility of Life

Following the core philosophy ‘Life Intensified’, dotphy tries to use a lot of dynamic colors and intriguing pattern to make your sports full of energy. It believes that sport not only brings us a healthy life, but also positivity, imagery and creativity to discover another possibility of our life.

Users' Voice

Someone recommended dotphy to me. What a thrill. Haven’t seen such strong style before. I can see its future.