Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle
Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle
Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle
Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle
Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle
Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle
Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle

Defender 1000 Pro Polar Light Ski Goggle

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Color:Polar Light

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Lens Guide

Here’s a guide to our lens family that helps you understand what lens tint you should choose in a specific light condition. Find the lens tint that suits you depending on the time, terrain, and seasons of your sports.

The Glory Goes on

Your ski tour continues in vibrancy with Defender 1000 Pro. It is a glorious collection that shines brighter than ever to dispel the dark shadow on the path to your next goal. It is the blazing flame leaping from the snow; it lights up the dimness of your vision and makes you stronger in front of the unseen obstruction.


Defender 1000 Pro is evolved from Defender 1000 with SwitchLens, FaceComfort, and NudeFrame as the core technology. SwitchLens is explained as the 8-magnets system that guide users to achieve quick lens removal and replacement. NudeFrame is the concept of constructing a rimless frame to provide users with an expanded vision. The FaceComfort technology is applied to improve the comfort of the face foam and make it fit to different face contours. To benefit the myopic users, we also enhance the OTG friendliness of Defender 1000 Pro.

  • SwitchLens: quickly disassemble and replace the lens through a magnetic snap.
  • NudeFrame: rimless lens design to ensure clear and wide vision.
  • FaceComfort: multiple-layered sponges with ergonomic shaping technique for long-time wearing.
  • OTG friendliness: sufficient inner space with accurate foam cutting to fit prescription glasses.
When you receive the Dotphy package, you will get...
  • Defender 1000 Pro ski goggle
  • Extra replacement lens
  • Double layer microfiber bag
  • EVA storage case
  • Bonus: stickers and cup coaster
Lens Information

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Interchangeable Lens System

The launch of Defender 1000 and 1000 Pro is to handle the light changes commonly appearing in outdoor sports. It develops the SwitchLens idea to turn the ski goggles into all-in-one eyewear to simplify your ski gear. The goggles use eight magnets to lock the lens securely.

You can save time and energy through a simple magnetic lens swap if you find out the weather changes on the mountaintop. Whether it’s bluebird days or misty days, SwitchLens offers you the most suitable eye protection.


Perfect Fit & Great Comfort

The Defender collection hopes its goggles are wearable for all different people. Based on the analysis of the various face contours from a wide range of people, we adopt a new technique to reshape the face foam and make it seal evenly onto the faces.

The face foam consists of triple-layered sponges to ensure softness and comfort. Even though wearing the goggles for a long time, you will not feel discomfort or mismatch at all. Besides, the flexible TPU frame is also a bonus to strengthen the fit of the goggles. Technology and materials are the cores of FaceComfort that have constant improvement to give you a perfect wearing experience.


Unobstructed Vision

Vision is crucial to all snow sports. Our use of the NudeFrame technology greatly minimizes the limit of your viewing angle. Every piece of the lens from Defender 1000 Pro is rimless, thus has only about 58g in weight to ensure it is light and friendly for wearing on the face.

NudeFrame means that you can have an expanded vision to see more details on the terrains. This low-profile design of the lens is ideal for those who want style and vision at the same time.